Nigeria malaria chloroquine resistance

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    Nigeria malaria chloroquine resistance

    Resistance to currently available antimalarial drugs has been confirmed in only two of the four human malaria parasite species, first developed independently in three to four areas in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and South America in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Since then, chloroquine resistance has spread to nearly all areas of the world where falciparum malaria is transmitted.

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    Chloroquine-resistant P. vivax malaria was first identified in 1989 among Australians living in or traveling to Papua New Guinea. P. vivax resistance to chloroquine has also now been identified in Southeast Asia, Ethiopia, and Madagascar. Isolated reports have suggested chloroquine-resistance P. vivax in other countries and regions, but further evaluation is needed. Chloroquine resistance of Plasmodium falciparum is associated with severity of disease in Nigerian children Apr 01, 2017 Chloroquine was banned as a first line treatment drug for malaria in Nigeria in 2005. The decision, based on the recommendation of the World Health Organisation, was taken by the Federal Ministry.

    Although resistance to these drugs tends to be much less widespread geographically, in some areas of the world, the impact of multi-drug resistant malaria can be extensive. Has also developed resistance to nearly all of the other currently available antimalarial drugs, such as sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine, mefloquine, halofantrine, and quinine.

    Nigeria malaria chloroquine resistance

    Chloroquine Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum - microbewiki, Chloroquine resistance of Plasmodium falciparum is.

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    Malaria in Africa. Thirty countries in Sub-Saharan Africa account for 90% of global malaria deaths. Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo DRC, Ethiopia, and Uganda account for nearly 50% of the global malaria deaths. Malaria is the 2nd leading cause of death from infectious diseases in Africa, after HIV/AIDS. Resistance to anti- malarial drugs in patients is becoming a worrisome phenomenon in Nigeria. It has posed serious challenge of combating malaria in most parts of the world. Chloroquine resistant P. falciparum was associated with specific point mutations in the P. falciparum chloroquine-resistant transporter pfcrt and Plasmodium falciparum multi-drug resistant Pfmdr- 1 genes among children aged 1-12 years in Ibadan, Nigeria.

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  7. In silico modeling of Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine. Chloroquine CQ has been used for decades as the primary chemotherapeutic drug for the treatment of malaria. The emergence of drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum has been considered to be because of the excessive use of antimalarial drugs worldwide.

    RCSB PDB - 6UKJ Single-Particle Cryo-EM Structure of Plasmodium.